Monday, March 11, 2013

SPACE Anthology Kickstarter

This week I’d like to mention (and promote) the SPACE Anthology 2013 kickstarter.  The SPACE anthology is a collection of comics created by artists who will be appearing at the 2013 SPACE convention.  SPACE is the Small Press and Alternative Comics Exposition, which is held in Columbus, Ohio every year and features the works of independent cartoonists. A Kickstarter is an online campaign to raise funds to produce a creative project; in this case the funds go to print copies of the SPACE Anthology.  The anthology includes my most recent Mutant Elf 8-page strip.

I thank anyone for contributing, and/or sharing the link to your friends.  If you contribute and receive a copy of the SPACE Anthology be sure to bring it by my table at SPACE so I can sign it for you!  I’ll also include something free like a sketch if you mention this post!


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