Monday, January 21, 2013

Mutant Elf & comics update

Well, the second storyline of Mutant Elf, my webcomic, ended this week.  Which, of course, means that next week begins the third storyline!  No time off when you’re engaged in the never-ending battle to keep fairy creatures out of our mundane Earth!  In addition to the third webcomic story, I am also currently working on an 8-page Mutant Elf story for this year’s SPACE Anthology.  Since Mutant Elf premiered in last year’s SPACE Anthology, I couldn’t resist doing another strip this year.

The first Mutant Elf story was an 8-page introduction to the concept and main characters, Tom and Mysa.  The second story was a way for me to introduce Teri, Tom’s girlfriend, and the difficulties Tom has working with Mysa while maintaining a relationship with Teri.  The third storyline will swing the attention to Mysa, as we learn about her origin and little more why she’s a “Mutant Elf”.  The 8-pager for the SPACE Anthology is a light tale to show a typical fairy encounter. Hopefully, all the Mutant Elf stories are light-hearted fun.  Since my F.E.D.s comic is a big epic super-hero tale, I wanted Mutant Elf to be very different.

There are a couple other comic projects I’m currently working on.  The first being the 17th issue of the F.E.D.s, which I should have done in plenty of time for the SPACEconvention.  The next is a strip for the Oh, Comics anthology that features the character of the First Lady.  The short super-hero strips are also a nice counterpart to the long drama in the F.E.D.s.  The final comic I’m doing right now has me more excited than anything I’ve ever done.  But for now, the details must remain a secret…

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