Monday, February 13, 2012

Dungeons, Football, and Whitney Houston

I recently saw a joke on Facebook that went: Fantasy Football is Dungeons and Dragons for jocks!  Yes, I think it’s funny.  However, there’s this little problem. You see, I play both!  Where does this put me?  Geek?  Jock?  Jeek? Somewhere in the nether region that exists between the extremes?  Well, okay, it isn’t that hard.  I’m definitely somewhere between.  In fact, perhaps it isn’t so smart to try and fit people into such neat little categories.  Perhaps, people are all individuals that should be judged on a case-by-case basis.  For example, the Fantasy Football league I’ve been playing in for years is made of a bunch of guys who met on a comic-book message board.  Yep!   We’re just a bunch of comic book geeks who love Football.  Is that so bad?  Can society exist with such people?

I think my interests are quite diverse.  For example: reading, drawing, sculpture, skepticism, playing guitar, playing games and playing tennis probably top my list of interests.  You can divide some of these interests into categories too such as role-playing games, board games (including war games, strategy games, and fantasy board games), fantasy sports games, and card games.  In fact, maybe I have too diverse a list.  Perhaps I should concentrate more time on fewer things.  But rather, I’m more likely to look for newer things to add to my list.

Speaking of lists, one thing on my “to-do” list that’s getting done is my “Mutant Elf” story for the SPACE anthology.  I just finished the inking, which means the only thing left is the coloring!  It’s going to be fun to do some full-color work since I usually do comics in black-and-white.  I’ll have to post a teaser when I get done.

Finally, I’d like to mention something about Whitney Houston.  I really really used to love her work.  Her first two albums are among my favorites and I think at one time there wasn’t a better voice anywhere.  I didn’t like her subsequent work as much, nor her movies, and it was sad to see her destroy herself physically.  I wish her family strength in dealing with their loss.

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