Friday, November 11, 2011

Character Bio- Lizard Man

Name: Lizard Man

Real name: Peter (last name unrevealed)

History: Peter was a high school football star until he was severely injured during a game.  Desperate to keep his sports dreams intact, he sought the aid of a criminal scientist who used chemicals, including steroids, to try to regenerate Peter’s damaged tissue.  Peter was arrested during the time the scientist was giving him treatments and when questioned by police Peter turned in evidence against the scientist in exchange for a light sentence.  After this, Peter went to college and received a degree in business.  Unfortunately, Peter was not adept at business and lost a lot of money on risky schemes.  Peter owed money to people involved in organized crime, and he was soon recruited as a mob enforcer to pay off his debt.  While working as an enforcer, Peter witnessed the murder of a man that was being shaken down for cash.  This shocked Peter into leaving his life of crime.  He went to the Police and turned in evidence against his mob bosses, again receiving a light sentence for his cooperation.  Unfortunately, the mob caught Peter and took him to a secret lab to interrogate him.  The criminal scientist who had tried to regenerate Peter’s leg after his football injury was now working for the mob.  He injected Peter with a series of truth serums so they could get everything out of Peter that he told to the Police.  Eventually, these serums stopped Peter’s heart and he was thought to be dead.  His body was disposed of in a river, but instead of dying his body was transformed.  He emerged with reptilian features and soon became Lizard Man.  Since then, Peter has used his powers to become a popular hero.  He is a public figure, and the general public knows his identity and background.  When he met the extra-normal heroes 1st Man and Oceanus, he suggested they form a team.  This was the beginning of the super group known as the F.E.D.s (Federation of Extra-normal Defenders).  As of 2002, the F.E.D.s are no longer active, but Lizard Man has taken a protégé, a young archer known as Arcurius.

Powers: Lizard Man’s lower body has the appearance of a large reptile.  His lizard-like legs are incredibly strong, and in addition to using them to kick hard he can also leap great distances with them.  He also has a long tail that he has precise control over.  His eyes are also non0human looking and he usually wears dark glasses to keep them concealed.

Notes: Lizard Man’s origin was first told in the tale “Hopes, Dreams, and Memories” which first appeared in Oh, Comics #12 and reprinted in Lizard Man special #2.  Lizard Man also appears in several other one-shot stories in Oh, Comics #13, #14 (cameo), #15, #17, and #18.  He also appeared in the story “Lizard Man vs. the Car Salesman” in Lizard Man Special #1.  All these appearance are in-continuity with his appearances in the F.E.D.s.  However, the stories in Oh, Comics #s 17 & 18 represent Lizard Man comics that are available in the F.E.D.s’ continuity.

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