Sunday, September 11, 2011

F.E.D.s #1 Special Edition

When I make personal appearances I find that Issue #1 of the F.E.D.s is generally my best seller.  This is not surprising since most people want to begin reading a story from the beginning.  However, F.E.D.s #1 was written and drawn in 1999 and I think my writing and drawing abilities have grown quite a bit since then.  Also, I believe the book took a few issues to find a "voice", as often happens with series.  Therefore, I have created a new version of the first issue.  The book contains the original 10 page story from F.E.D.s #1 along with some newer pages to show how the story have evolved since then, and some commentary by me. It will be first available at the Detroit Fanfare convention September 24 & 25.

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